20 Jan 2011

How a Copy Leasing Service Can Save Your Business Money

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Keeping a business running smoothly depends largely on knowing what you do best, and what is best left to a third party. There’s a reason that businesses hire security firms to manage their security and cleaning services to take care of maintenance – it’s because they are the professionals at what they do, and they help keep you professional. However, one little-known service that can actually result in drastic cost savings and improved efficiency involves leasing your copy machines. Professional copier leasing services allow you the convenience of having heavy-duty and costly printers in your business while keeping pricing at a minimum.

Amir Benishay of World Trade Office Solutions, a copier leasing service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, says that there can be quite a few benefits to leasing your copy machine. “Any business works with documents on a regular basis,” says Benishay, “so because everybody needs a copier in their office or business, sometimes people spend way beyond their means to get a machine that can handle the job.” According to Benishay, copier leasing services circumvent this problem by allowing businesses to pay in monthly installments. “If you do a lease, you don’t have to spend $10,000 on a machine, but rather you can do a payment and do $250 a month,” he explains.

Additionally, a copier service such as Benishay’s has a program that allows one to purchase a copy machine after the contract is up. “We give you the option to buy the machine at the end of the lease, so we give you the option after you pay the lease to pay another $700 or whatever it is to keep the machine,” Benishay adds.

Benishay goes on to explain that even if it is worth it for an office to buy a machine, there are additional benefits to leasing. “If you buy your own machine and it breaks down,” says Benishay, “you basically have to fix it yourself or bring in an outside firm to fix it, and it will really add up both in terms of money spent on fixing it and also on time lost.” However, if your copy machine breaks down while under lease, then a company like Benishay’s will send someone out for repairs. Since his company prides itself on customer service, Benishay’s team will perform repairs within two to four hours upon a customer’s request. And in the rare event that a repair can’t be made within this timeframe, the affected customer will receive a discount on his monthly service bill.

This dedication to customer service is one of the main things that distinguishes World Trade Office Solutions from similar services. “With the other companies, they may say, ’sorry but we can’t fix it,’ and then try to convince you to buy another machine. But if the machine breaks in the same way three different times, we replace the machine, no questions asked,“ Benishay insists. So if you have a business and need a quality copier machine, consider copying the multitudes of customers that have signed up with Benishay and lease your printer from the pros.

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