20 Jan 2011

Improving Efficiency

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Sometimes when a business is unorganized, it will result in nothing more than a few lost dollars, but in a medical environment, those negative habits could potentially cost someone his health. This is one of the reason that the healthcare industry is so insistent on mountains of paperwork accompanying even the most routine treatments. And with all that paperwork being printed, signed, resigned, filed and then reviewed, it’s not a surprise that much of it can get lost in the shuffle and slow down your office. As such, having a copy machine that helps rather than hurts your efforts can save you quite a bit of money. To help explain the benefits of having the right copier machine for your office, Amir Benishay from World Trade Office, a Fort Lauderdale, FL copier leasing company, shares some of his inside knowledge on the world of medical copier machines.

“In many doctors’ offices today, you run into a lot of problems with copying,” Benishay explains. Because of the high volume of copying that is done in medical offices, a good portion of Benishay’s business comes from serving this community.

But in addition to the sheer volume of copying that goes on inside these offices, there are also special needs that doctors have as well. One example that Benishay brings up involves the need to photocopy ID cards or drivers’ licenses for everyone who comes in the door. “In a typical doctor’s office, he will also need at least four copies of your ID card, for both sides. Today we are working with machines that allow you to feed the ID card into the machine, which can then scan it on both sides and you get one image for all those different cards on one sheet double sided. So this saves time, havoc, and space, and it’s also environmentally friendly,” Benishay points out.

There are also security benefits to going with a professional copier leasing company, and ones that apply specifically to the medical professional field. “Another feature that caters to doctors and which they like to use is insurance against information leaks. Let’s say a doctor needs to print something and is sitting on the other side of the office and printing a report. He can print it into the machine and keep it in the memory, and then only print it when he gets to the other side of the office. He presses a button and it releases the paper and nobody sees the information. This is a nice feature for doctors, ” Benishay explains.

However, on normal machines, that very feature can be a security hazard unto itself, as often, copiers save such information into their memory. This means that criminals can later scour through discarded technology and recover sensitive information about patients. That’s why Benishay and his company employ the use of this special software.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional copier leasing service can make a medical office stronger while leaving doctors with more time to do what they do best: care for patients.

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