06 May 2010

More Upgrades for Copiers FL

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Even if you don’t know which copy machine upgrades you might want several months in the future, it’s still important to consider upgrades while browsing copy machine leasing agreements. This is because, although some copiers are compatible with upgrade modules, not all of them are this flexible. Thus, if you think there’s any chance you’ll want to upgrade to certain features later on, be sure to only look at copy machines that are compatible with the relevant modules.

Last week, we discussed two different upgrade modules available for copy machines: printing and faxing. Read on for some other modules you may want to consider.

Image Editing

Complex image editing requires special computer software, however copy machines can accomplish certain edits independently, such as adding page numbers, watermarks, or “confidential” labels to duplicates. Additionally, some copiers NY are advanced enough to copy double-sided items such as checks onto a single page.

Advanced Security

High tech copy machines provide security in two forms. First, they require an access code before making copies, sending faxes, etc. This restricts usage and can help you monitor which employees or departments are making the most copies. Additionally, many copiers require a code before a document or fax can be printed, so that confidential items are not left sitting in the tray.

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