06 May 2010

Copy Machine Leasing Tips: Service Agreements

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Just like leasing a car, one advantage of copy machine leasing is that maintenance and repairs are included in your contract. This provision, called a service agreement, will vary in price depending on your company’s needs. For example, you may have to pay extra for emergency repair services on evenings or weekends.

Another important factor is volume. Again, we can think of this in terms of auto leasing: a car that sees a lot of mileage will need more repairs than a rarely used vehicle. Similarly, your copy machine service needs will increase with the number of copies you make. For this reason, service agreements are priced by copy volume, measured either by month or by year. If your business makes more copies during a particular season, you probably want to find a contract that stipulates a yearly volume.

Estimating your copy volume is important – it’s pretty much like paying for cell phone minutes. If you pick a cell phone plan with too many minutes, you’re paying more money than you have to. At the same time, you’ll be charged by the minute if you go over your contract, the same way most copy machine vendors will charge overages per copy. To choose the most cost-effective service agreement for copy machines, you’ll need a realistic volume estimate that’s neither too big nor too small.

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