20 Jan 2011

An Overview of Professional Copier Services in Florida

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Copier machines can be big and costly, and with all of the different options available to the consumer and to businesses, finding the one that fits your needs is no longer a black and white issue. That’s why consulting with a professional copier sales or leasing service can save you a lot of hassle and money as well. Amir Benishay works for one such Fort Lauderdale copier sales company called World Trade Office Solutions, and he says that his business is becoming increasingly important in helping other businesses understand their copying needs.

“If you work in an office with copy machines or printers, basically you could use our service. What we do is selling or leasing or renting commercial copy machines,” says Benishay. “We do printers, fax machines and scanners, and all the officer equipment and document solutions for offices. But basically, when we sell or lease or rent the machine, we are providing a service that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own.”

According to Benishay, what you get through a professional copier service is convenience, expertise and service. His team can analyze your particular copier needs and then recommend devices to address them. For instance, if you run a doctor’s office or a law firm where much copying is done, you might have different needs. In a doctor’s office, a lot of IDs, insurance cards, and driver’s licenses are being copied, which can waste paper. With a copier service, someone can come in and sell or lease machines that are specifically designed to copy both sides of an ID and print multiple IDs on a single page of paper. In a law office, there are many checks that need copying, and so they have machines that are designed to do just that.

The ability to lease your printer is also one of the biggest benefits to working with a company such as Benishay’s. When you lease a piece of equipment, you get the benefit of an included service agreement. As Benishay explains, his company promises customers a response window of two to four hours to come out and fix whatever the problem might be. In a world where equipment breakdowns can result in a loss of business, this is truly essential. Furthermore, says Benishay, if a client has the same problem with a given machine three times, then his company will swap the equipment out for a new piece, no questions asked.

Finally, the ability to lease a copy machine ensures that you don’t expend valuable funds on one thing when there might be other more pressing needs for your business. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a copier, a business can pay for a machine in monthly payments of just a few hundred dollars. Then, Benishay says, after the contract is up, you have the ability of paying the remaining difference on the cost of the machine and then owning it or having it replaced with a new model

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