06 May 2010

Copy Machine Leasing Ideas: Remember Memory!

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Even the best copy machines can flounder with inadequate memory. This is because memory is essential for many valuable features, including auto page numbering, scan once/print many, and image editing. Just like personal computers, copy machines rely on RAM (random access memory) to perform many of their functions.
So, how should memory affect your copier search?
First, look for copy machines compatible with generic memory such as SIMMs. This will be true for most copiers, however some manufacturers’ machines do not support standard memory, making it more difficult to increase your memory down the road.

You also need to learn how each machine’s memory is distributed. Some machines use universal memory cache for multiple functions, while others have separate caches for each feature (copying, faxing, etc.). So, if you’re mostly interested in copying, you should avoid machines with too much RAM tied up in printing, for example.

Most copy machine leasing agreements will provide somewhere between 4 MB and 256 MB of memory. You’ll only need about 16 MB to perform most image editing functions. Your other memory needs will depend on your average document length and the detail present in each original – the more detailed and intricate your documents are, the more memory you will require.

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