06 May 2010

Upgrading Your Copy Machines

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If you’re just looking into copy machine leasing, upgrading your machines might be the last thing on your mind. But you can make the upgrade process much easier later on with some simple planning now. Many multifunction features for copy machines such as printing, faxing, and image editing can be added as upgrades during your lease – that is, if you select copiers NY compatible with the right upgrade modules.

Let’s take a look at two potential upgrades you may want to consider:


Many copy machines can be modified to support laser printing for the whole office – all you need is a printer module and network card. This would allow your employees to print documents with special features like stapling and double-sided printing, all in one simple step. Plus, printing from a copier can save you as much as 80% off the costs of a conventional laser printer.


Copy machines with fax modules give you more options than ever before. Fax multiple pages from the document feeder, or send pages from a book or catalog by scanning over the copier glass. Your copy machine will also print your faxes as they are received, and a network card can allow employees to send faxes right from their computers.

If either of these features seems right for you, make sure to include the possibility of printing and faxing upgrades in your copy machine leasing agreement.

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