27 Jun 2010

Guide to Choosing Copiers MFP

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Need to buy or lease a new copy machine? When choosing copiers MFP, you need to consider a range of factors, such as what kind of volume of copying you’ll be doing, what tasks you need your copier to perform, what kind of level of quality you require, and whether you need your copier to print and scan as well.

Features – Make a list of the features you require, such as duplexing, collating, stapling, and paper handling.

Volume – Consider how many copies you’ll need your copy machine to make each month. If you need to make only around 600 copies a month, avoid heavy-duty commercial copiers and invest in or lease a smaller copier available from retail stores. If you only need to produce around 50 copies a month, it may make economic sense to use an outside copying service instead, or a self-service copy machine in an office store.

Color – Color or black and white? Color copying offers many benefits to companies, but is obviously more expensive than black and white copying.

Digital – Digital copy machines are becoming a more cost-effective solution than traditional copiers. With digital copiers, a document is scanned and data is saved into memory. These multi-function devices produce higher-quality, crisper images, can be networked, and are able to scan, email, print and do other tasks simultaneously.

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